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Meet the creative talent behind the Ceratopia Books titles.

Alan Titheridge

Alan Titheridge has already made a name for himself as an authority on the Hythe Pier and ferry following the publication of his book, Hythe Pier and Ferry - A History (Ferry Publications, 2019). Alan spent most of his youth on the Hythe shoreline or at the end of the Hythe Pier watching the great liners making their way in and out of Southampton Docks. He was fascinated with the movements of the ferry boats and from an early age they and the pier and train became a special attraction.


Now retired, Alan's put his knowledge, passion, and vast collection of memorabilia, anecdotes, and facts about the Hythe Pier, its railway, and boats that operated from it.

Alan Titheridge, author and local historian

Cover to The Heartbeat Of HytheCover to Chas: A Lifetime Fighting FireCover to Hythe's Hotspurs & Other Boats

Martin Bradley

Martin Bradley has always had a keen interest in wildlife, particularly birds. His work at a UK refinery brought him close to nesting peregrine falcons. This helped inspire his first book, Top Gun Of The Sky, which has proved extremely successful due to its rhyming narrative, educational qualities and its obvious passion for these most majestic of birds. Dusk Until Dawn followed about the night-time habits of the barn owl. To date Martin has created four bird books, and has now set up his own small publishing business called Skyhunter Books, although he retains his connection with Ceratopia Books where it all started.

Martin Bradley, author and illustrator

Top Gun Of The Sky CoverDusk Until Dawn CoverSkydancer coverRiver King Cover

Helen Griffiths

Helen Griffiths considers herself ‘an accidental author’ - yet with her background and interest in language, education and conservation, it’s not surprising that she now finds herself as the creator of the best-selling title ‘Treasure Beyond Measure’. This delightful debut has garnered high profile interest from royalty, politicians and even Sir David Attenborough himself.


It was pretty clear from the outset that both Helen and illustrator Simon Chadwick shared the same vision for ‘Treasure Beyond Measure’. The magic of this creative partnership is evident with each turn of its pages. The rhyming verse is matched perfectly with clever and entertainingly complex illustrations. This Safari is one literary ride you won’t want to miss!

Helen Griffiths, author

Treasure Beyond Measure Cover

Dr Steven Howard

Dr Steven Howard is a researcher with Early Start at University of Wollongong in Australia.


His programme of research investigates the development of self-regulation and related abilities in the early years of life, as well as the educational implications of these changing capacities. In addition to his work around supporting children’s self-regulation development he is also a co-founder of the iPad-based Early Years Toolbox to assess preschoolers’ executive functioning and self-regulation (to which Simon Chadwick is also a contributor).

Dr Steven Howard, author

Quincey Quokka's Quest  CoverI Don't Miss The Shopping List CoverPolly And Her Lolly coverThe Pear That Wasn't There Cover

Val Anne Lee

A gifted children's storyteller with a lovely sense of rhythm and rhyme, Val is the author of the popular New Forest Tales series about Podge, a frog with a confidence crisis, and the excellent The Monkey Who Wouldn't Eat Nuts. 


“Val’s a brilliant storyteller, and the rhythm of her rhyming is great fun to read aloud,” said Simon Chadwick about his co-creator. “She’s got a great sense of humour that fuels her writing, and whenever she’s quoting a piece of poetry I find myself visualising the accompanying illustration."

Val Anne Lee, author

On The Banks Of Hatchet Pond CoverPodge Goes Splodge At Hatchet Pond CoverThe Monkey Who Wouldn't Eat Nuts cover

Bryan Pass (Farmer Bryan)

Bryan Pass, known as Farmer Bryan to several generations of children, is a life-long farmer and runs the excellent New Forest visitor attraction Longdown Activity Farm. The farm's focus has always been one of education and has offered a hands-on experience to thousands of schoolchildren and visitors.


His books are not twee tales of talking animals going on adventures, but stories about the everyday life on the farm where the things that the creatures get up to can be just as fascinating as an imaginary tale, and for this reason the Longdown Farm books have proved immensely popular.

Farmer Bryan, author

Charley's Day On The Farm CoverSamuel The Donkey CoverFudge The Jersey Cow coverDoris The Chicken CoverMillie The Cat CoverGeorge The Goat coverI Want To Be A Farmer coverCover To Chickens In Your Garden

Charley Pass

Charley's grandparents own the New Forest visitor attraction Longdown Activity Farm, where her mum also works, so Charley has grown up amongst the animals, routines and people of the farm. Inspired by her grandad's children's books Charley wrote, aged twelve, a story of her own, a tale that impressed her teacher, her family and us.


She's instinctively understood the rhythm of a children's book, and how her grandad's stories have aimed to combine education with a fun tale. Consequently Charley has made an exceptional job of her own tale of looking after her pony, Chesney, that includes a fun ending that children will love.

Charley Pass, author

Chesney The Shetland Pony Cover

John Perkins

John Perkins was head of Blackfield School from 1982 until he retired in 2008. When the literacy hour was introduced he became aware of the need for texts which would motivate pupils towards wanting to read. They had to be original texts which they had not read before and thus the adventures of Georgy the Goat saw the light of day.

Former colleagues urged John to get to work on producing the stories in book form which he finally began to do in 2017 after being introduced to children's book illustrator, Simon Chadwick.


John Perkins, author

Georgy The Goat Cover

Simon Chadwick

Simon has illustrated over 30 children's books plus books on dietary health and animal husbandry, as well as producing ongoing cartoons and illustration for a host of High Street names, major attractions and travel companies. He writes some of the books too, including the New Forest Friends series, the story part of the PRSIST books about children's cognitive development (Dr Steven Howard did the science bit), and The Rubbish Monster Thing. He is also the author of Young Adult novel Natural Phenomena.


He runs Ceratopia Books with his wife Josephine. His children say he colours in for a living.


Simon Chadwick, author and illustrator

New Forest Friends And The Litterbugs coverNew Forest Friends And The Metal MonstersNew Forest Friends And The Pony PestsThe Rubbish Monster Thing coverOn The Banks Of Hatchet Pond CoverPodge Goes Splodge At Hatchet Pond CoverThe Monkey Who Wouldn't Eat Nuts coverQuincey Quokka's Quest coverI Don't Miss The Shopping List coverPolly And Her Lolly CoverThe Pear That Wasn't There coverCharley's Day On The FarmSamuel The Donkey coverFudge The Jersey Cow CoverDoris The Chicken coverMillie The Cat coverGeorge The Goat CoverChesney The Shetland PonyI Want To Be A Farmer coverChickens In Your Garden coverGeorgy The Goat coverCover To A Seal Swam In From The SeaCover to Fly Free My ParrotCover To Treasure Beyond MeasureCover To Natural Phenomena

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