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We are always pleased to hear from reviewers, bloggers or others interested in reviewing or featuring our books in print or online publications. If you would like to be the recipients of preview samples please email enquiries@ceratopiabooks.co.uk with your shipping address and contact details.



If you would like to stock Ceratopia Books titles for your shop please follow the instructions below.


United Kingdom

Wholesale pricing is as follows:

£3.99 titles wholesale at £2.

£4.99 titles wholesale at £3.

£6 titles wholesale at £4.00.

£6.99 titles wholesale at £4.00.

£8.00 titles wholesale at £5.00

£8.99 titles wholesale at £6.


Postage is free on orders of ten books or more, otherwise postage is charged based on Royal Mail rates. There is no mimimum order.


If you would like to be invoiced we would prefer a purchase order if possible.



Quincey Quokka's Quest, The Pear That Wasn't There, I Don't Miss The Shopping List and Polly And Her Lolly are all available for wholesale distribution in Australia. Please contact enquiries@ceratopiabooks.co.uk for more information.


Other World Areas

We're only small but we'd like to help. Get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

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