Draw or write about a creature of your own devising!


Calling All Creative Teens!

19th October 2019

Simon R Chadwick’s new novel, Natural Phenomena: The Forest Of Endless Forms, is set in a world of extinct creatures and animals that never existed. Now we’re offering you the chance to create a creature of your own. It’s simple and easy to enter, and you can either draw your creature or write about it. Whatever gets your creative juices flowing!


The Prizes

There are two categories: 12 to 15 years of age and 16 to 19 years of age. The winner from each category will receive a £50 Amazon voucher (or equivalent amount if outside the UK) and their creature will feature in the second Natural Phenomena novel due for release in 2020.


How To Enter

1. The creature you’re creating must be in a forest setting. Whether the forest is its natural habitat or not is up to you, but your illustration or written piece must reflect the forest environment.


2. You can either illustrate or write about your creature. 


If illustrating you can use any medium you like but the finished piece must be supplied digitally, over email and not exceed 15MB in size. We will only accept JPG, TIF or PDF files. Please include your creature name and your surname in the file name.



For written pieces your writing must take the form of a description of the creature in no more than 500 words. The description can form part of a broader piece of creative writing. We will only accept text placed in the body of the email or text saved as PDF files. Please do not send Word, Pages or other documents that require specific software packages to open them. If sending a PDF please include your creature name and your surname in the file name.


3. To enter you need to do the following:

i. Email your entry to competition@ceratopiabooks.co.uk before 11pm GMT on the 31st December 2019. Include your name and age at time of entering

ii. Comment “Entered” on the Instagram or Facebook competition post.


The Winners

The winners from each category will be notified by 31st January 2020. The winning entries will be featured on social media and the Ceratopia Books blog.


The Novel

Natural Phenomena: The Forest Of Endless Forms is a tale of mystery and adventure on an alternative Earth, where creatures we know to be extinct live side by side with bizarre creatures that never were. Into this world arrive Alex and Dev, two boys who now find themselves trapped in a vast forest where nature looks upon them with hungry eyes. Taken in by the residents of Farrier's Rock, they befriend three girls who have grown up with the harsh realities of this world. When residents of Farrier's Rock begin turning up dead the five friends must confront a danger just as monstrous as the creatures beyond the walls. A young adult novel by author Simon R Chadwick, this is a book that will appeal to fans of wildlife, monsters, dinosaurs and the strange possibilities of the natural world. Available from Amazon as paperback or Kindle edition, through your local bookshop, or via www.ceratopiabooks.co.uk


Terms & Conditions

1. Anyone aged between 12-19 up until 31st December 2019 is eligible to enter.

2. You can enter as many times as you like.

3. Your creation must be an original creature of your own devising.

4. By entering you are giving Ceratopia Books permission to feature your entry on the Ceratopia Books social media pages and blog.

5. By entering you are giving Simon R Chadwick the exclusive right to feature your creature in Natural Phenomena: The Descent and, potentially, future Natural Phenomena stories. You will be given written acknowledgment as being the creator of the creature but are not entitled to any form of payment or royalty other than the Amazon voucher associated with this competition.

6. Entries are only eligible if received in the manner described under How To Enter, above.

7. Winners will be notified by 31st January 2020. The winner from each category will receive a £50 Amazon voucher, or equivalent amount if outside of the UK.

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