About Podge & Dizzy

Set in the New Forest, these Hatchet Pond tales feature Podge, an ugly old frog with low self-esteem and Dizzy, a beautiful little dragonfly.


Focusing on issues of confidence, the tales remain upbeat and remind children that everyone has something to be proud of. On The Banks Of Hatchet Pond deals with Podge's misjudged perception that he's just a useless lump, while Podge Goes Splodge At Hatchet Pond looks at what happens when self-confidence swings the other way as Podge gets into trouble with his showing off.


Both stories are in rhyme and are ideal bedtime stories for snuggling down and sharing.


As Val mentions in the original story's foreword, Hatchet Pond is "one of the Forest's most famous ponds, where you MAY catch a glimpse of Dizzy and her good friend, Podge, who still live there today" and these words have attracted many a small child to insist on a visit to the pond to see if these little characters can indeed be seen.


About the Creators

A 'wacky' partnership that works. Val writes the humorous rhyming stories and Simon brings her words to life with really fun illustrations. An odd couple one might think… Val, a 70-plus year old author of adult and children's poetry which is great for reading aloud, and Simon, a 40-plus year old family man and a talented illustrator. Their liaison works as both share a keen sense of the ridiculous and are totally in touch with their childish sides! 

The PRSIST stories

All the books are available individually or as a complete set:


On The Banks Of Hatchet Pond


Podge Goes Splodge At Hatchet Pond


The Val Anne Lee Collection (includes The Monkey Who Wouldn't Eat Nuts)



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